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                               ROCK & PLAY

Welcome to

Rock & Play 

Where the little ones rule!

                                 INDOOR PLAY AREA FO​R LITTLE ON​ES

           OPEN PLAY * BIRTHDAYS *  




Reserve Your Time


What We Offer

Open Play for Crawlers to Toddlers

Bring your crawler to walkers to play and let their imagination run wild, Soft play area and toys will help stimulate their emotional, social, motor and cognitive growth. Meanwhile, you can grab a drink but still keep an eye on them from our parent's lounge.  Stay connected on social media with us using our free Wifi.

At Rock & Play we will also be offering several opportunities for older kids and adults to get together and have fun in a safe and comfortable environment, Reserve the entire space for a fun but socially distant experience with your group. Ready to celebrate your birthday with us, call us.


We are now offering Membership!

Membership offers 12 visits per month for the price of approximately 5 visits! Additionally, every month includes:

-2 free drink/snack coupons

-4 free Errand hours*

-Discounts & exclusives to classes/events

*Beginning 2021, we will be offering certain timeslots for you to drop off your kiddos while you run errands, work, exercise, have a date night, or stay and relax in our lounge while we entertain the kiddos. A snack will be provided during "member hours." Minimum of 3 month commitment (Beginning 2021)